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Dental disease is one of the most common concerns that our veterinarians see in both dogs and cats. As pets age, they can develop periodontal disease and severe dental infections which cause oral pain and discomfort. For this reason, dental care is an important focus in our clinic. We will explain dental home care (ie brushing teeth), and we recommend dental diets. If the dental disease has progressed, more advanced dental procedures may be required.


All dental procedures are performed under general anesthetic. While the pet is sleeping, dental charting is performed which means that every tooth is examined for evidence of infection, decay or trauma.  Dental xrays are performed to help determine the condition of individual teeth.  Unhealthy teeth are surgically extracted to help relieve pain and infection.  We use an ultrasonic dental machine to clean your pet’s teeth, followed by hand cleaning and polishing to leave your pets mouth clean and shining. 


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