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We created the Wellington Animal Rescue to help critically ill or injured animals receive the care they need to be able to find loving forever homes.

With these animal rescues, a great deal of time and veterinary care is donated by our veterinarians, technicians, and support staff. We provide the medical attention that is required whether it be surgical, intensive care, or rehabilitation. Our treatments and services are provided at cost to our rescues and many of our medications have been donated to help these animals.


Our rescues are spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, dewormed, heartworm/tick disease tested (dogs), feline AIDS and leukemia virus tested (cats) and vaccinated by our veterinarians before going up for adoption. Some of our canine rescues will also receive professional behavioral training if needed. Because the cost of these treatments and diagnostics can be hundreds to thousands of dollars, we rely on generous donations from the public to assist in our rescue mission. Once the rescued animal is in good health we find them a safe and loving forever home!

Our Adoption Policy:
Once the rescued animal has been restored to health it is our goal to find them a loving, forever home.  To help us find the best possible home that will suit the needs of the rehabilitated animal we ask potential adoptees to complete an adoption application.  We then give the animal and it’s new owners time to get to know each other and make sure they are suited by allowing a trial period in the adoptees home.  If, for whatever reason, the fit isn’t working then the animal can be returned to the rescue center and the adoption fee will be fully refunded.  The fee for adopting a cat ($200) or a dog ($250) is then put towards helping the next rescue animal.  

Our Foster Policy:
We find that some of the animals we rescue can greatly benefit from staying in a foster home, where they will have the chance to be better socialized and get used to living in a home environment.  As with adoption, we ask anyone interested in fostering an animal to fill out an application form for approval.   Should the foster animal require any medication, it will be provided by the rescue, along with all food.  If you are interested in fostering an animal please contact us and take a look at our Facebook page to see the wonderful animals currently looking for a foster or forever home. 

Please take a look at our wonderful animals currently up for adoption on our facebook page and also see our adoption success stories!


If you would like any information about adoption of fostering or would like to meet one of our pets looking for a new home then please contact the Wellington Animal Rescue at 519 539 9722 to schedule a meet and greet appointment.

To make a donation to the Wellington Animal Rescue Fund please contact us at 519-539-9722. 


Animal Rescue

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