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We believe it is very important for your pet to have a comprehensive physical exam every year. Puppies, kittens, seniors, and pets with health issues or illnesses often need more frequent checkups. We’ll work with you to create a wellness program, including a prevention, vaccination and/or titre protocol, for your pet.


During the appointment our veterinarians will discuss your pet's lifestyle and environment and review any concerns you may have.  They will then perform a head to tail physical exam on your pet.   Our veterinarian's examination will include: eye exam, ear exam, dental exam, neurological evaluation, cardiovascular evaluation, weight & nutritional counselling, coat & skin evaluation, abdominal palpation, urogenital evaluation, musculo-skeletal evaluation, and pulmonary/lung evaluation.

Once the physical has been completed, our veterinarians will discuss their examination findings with you.  Based on the examination and presenting concerns our doctors may recommend running diagnostics to detect any internal changes unseen upon physical examination. Our veterinarians will then send you with an exam room report card detailing their findings and recommendations.  

Please see our Wellness Plans for more information on kittens and puppies.



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